Google just launched a new interface for Gmail to organize emails in different tabs. Which automatically brought back the challenge to get to Zero Inbox. Nothing is causing more email overload than hiring new employees… is Gmail new inbox the answer for managers that hire?


Well, the quick answer is no. First, Google auto-sort emails coming from different sources to different tabs – which means that if you got resumes from multiple sources (job-boards, Facebook/LinkedIn, and directly) it will be sorted to different tabs. You can change it, but it’s just creating additional work, not saving it.

Second, the challenge of resume screening is more complicated than identifying the email source and general nature. It’s about whether the candidate meets the job-qualifications, evaluate it’s strengths, filter-out the unqualified, filter-in the top-qualified, etc.


So how can reach Zero Inbox when hiring?

2 easy steps to get started:

  1. Attract relevant candidates: Avoid the problem in the 1st place! instead of inviting the crowd in a large job-board to apply, post your job on relevant niche job-boards, online forums and organizations. Additionally, you can specify a small set (3-5) of must requirements and add a note to job-seekers that ‘candidates not meeting these requirements will not be considered’…
  2. Process Job-Applications: Take action, don’t just leave it in the inbox (Google for Zero Inbox productivity tips).


To take it further, leveraging recruitment software to automate candidate screening, and get easy-to-evaluate standard profiles and job-matching reports. At SkillsIn we developed a unique approach for this issue: attract every professional to follow your careers 24×7, but invite to apply only the best-qualified (using highly accurate job-matching technology) – so your inbox filled only with the right candidates.


What works best for you to reach Zero Inbox when hiring?