Do you search for a job, but feel there must be a better way to do it?

You deserve a better job-search experience. Being treated better. Get a VIP service. Not because you are an executive, or paid a lot of money. Because you are Very Important Professional. VIP. You worked hard, learned and gained experience, and there are jobs out there that YOU standout from the crowd, and should get a VIP service as a top talent.


What does it means? consider the following:

1. Do you waste time searching for jobs, reviewing endless irrelevant opportunities?

VIP job-seeker should NOT waste time searching for jobs, and get automatically relevant-only opportunities.


2. Are you being overlooked by recruiters?

Often it feels head-hunters and agencies have relevant opportunities, but you are being overlooked. When applying, resume scanning systems used in some companies filter-out 70% of resumes, including yours, just because some keyword is missing or misspelled. You are not an SEO expert! you are an engineer.

VIP job-seeker that standout for a job should not miss good opportunities.


3. Are you being noticed for your experience? getting the proper attention?

Recruiters scan your resume on the first cut for 6 seconds only, and you don’t pass if the resume is not designed as expected. You are not a designer! you are a project manager. Highly qualified, but no call from recruiters.

VIP job-seeker that standout should be easily noticed by recruiters. VIP job-seekers should have a ‘private VIP room’ where recruiters pay the extra attention to their job application.


4. Are you loosing your privacy?

Search for a job while working, but concerned your current employer will find out? expose yourself on public to standout from the crowd – but you rather not?  You are not a mega-networker! you rather keep your privacy.

VIP job-seeker should discover, standout and engage on opportunities in a private manner.


As a VIP job-seeker, you should have an effective, private job-search, where you can standout and get noticed directly for your experience. What other things you deserve as a VIP job-seeker?